Inclusion: The Bedrock, The Sky, and the Noise Between

I made the statement below on September 23, 2014 as a panelist during the ‘Burlington On Burlington’ discussion series presented by Arts Riot at Hotel Vermont. The Arts Riot crew — Felix, PJ, and Hillary — pulled together people from different backgrounds in local arts to talk about a different topic at each event. The title […]

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Loving Half the Arts, And Other Big Choices

The essay below started as a statement made to the Burlington City Council on January 27, 2014. The Burlington Free Press invited that the statement be expanded for their ‘Heart of Art’ series. It was published February 23, 2014. Special thanks to Emilie Stigliani, BFP Story Editor, and Brent Hallenbeck, BFP Arts & Entertainment Reporter. […]

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The Case for A Cultural Commons

This essay was published  by the Burlington Free Press as a Heart of Art feature on November 29, 2012, The arts encompass some of the most meaningful expressions humanity has to share — they embody our intellect, emotion and essential experiences in the most complete manner possible. The movement, color, words, melody, and the intricate […]

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